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What You Should Know About Ignition System Failure

To have your engine functioning properly, then air and fuel should be mixed in the right proportions. The two have to be in some tightly sealed tank and then exposed to heat in correct amounts. The good thing with a properly functioning engine is that it releases very little pollutants to the environment. There is yet to be found such an engine, but latest models in the market work efficiently to avoid too much pollutants in the air. What should be clear is that engines need fuel and an emission control system that are in good functionalism. The systems may come in different brands and designs, but the functioning is the same.


The ignition system basically has to produce a spark towards the compression stroke in the engine cylinder. A good number of people just think that after very car moderation has been set right, then all they have to do is get the timing right and turn the ignition. However there is more to its functioning than that. As obvious as it might seem, the spark should be strong enough to trigger mixing of air and fuel. What is not known is that air molecules can act as insulators making heat transfer very impossible. If you set to allow more air into the engine, the spark generated might be a little weak to ignite air/fuel mixture. This thus leads to a poor engine power that may lower the overall performance of the vehicle even if you have one of the best types of ignition systems.

The Two Types Of Ignition Systems

When searching for an ignition coil, it is first important to understand the various types so that you only purchase that which best suits. Purchasing the wrong one could lead into damage of other parts of the whole ignition systems. Currently, are two types that exist: conventional and electronic. Conventional types are basically battery powered ones while the latter is electrically generated. Each type works best differently depending on car type. When searching for an ignition coil, it is thus very vital to know which one will work well with the car’s ignition system.

When To Replace

A problem with the ignition system isn’t that difficult to identify. Malfunctioning in this vital system will show up in different ways such the engine failing to start. In some cases, the ignition coil can misfire though this may also be a result of a poor air/fuel mixture. You can simply check the coil and the cylinder and examine the spark line found in the firing line. It will be important to replace it before it cost you a lot on the road.

Where To Buy Them

If you have been looking to replace your old ignition system, then know that going for quality matters most. You should do your best to get the engine functioning at its best for. This not only ensures you are safe on the road, but also enhances engine durability. Regardless of how much you may be in a hurry, ensure that you buy them from authorized dealers. For ignition coils, you can look for custom made ones which help improve engine performance by even 10 percent. It is essential in this internet age to check online from known manufacturer’s sites and order from them directly. With good care, your engine will function at its maximum limit efficiently and durably.



What Is Co Q 10 And Why Should You Take It In Supplement Form?

You may find this a bit hard to believe, but all the energy your body produces is with the help of a special enzyme called co q 10. Rest assured though, since you don't need to do anything in order for your body to produce this enzyme, at least when you're young, because as you grow older, you're going to have to take coq10 supplements to make up for your body's inability to produce enough of it. So with that being said, below we're going to let you know more about this enzyme, its benefits and what you need to know about its effects on your health.

Coenzyme Q10 Basics

While mostly known as co q 10, coenzyme q10 is also called vitamin q10 and it may also be referred to as ubiquinone. The enzyme is literally present in every cell of your body where it fills two vital purposes. One of them is that of helping synthesize energy and the second one is to work as an antioxidant. In this role, coenzyme q10 helps protect your system from a wide range of diseases and also infections by fighting against the free radicals in your body. On top of that, you should also keep in mind that coenzyme q10 exists in many other forms, such as ubiquinone and ubiquinol. The latter is the form that’s better absorbed by the body and it's also more active. Because of that, it's also used best in supplemental form.

Helps Protect Heart Health

Most of the times it seems that coenzyme q10 is highly praised thanks to its positive effects on cardiovascular health. On top of that, it seems that by taking it you're also going to help reduce your blood pressure. In a study that involved martial arts athletes that took coenzyme q10, it was discovered that their blood pressure went down and hit normal values compared to the period when they didn’t take coq10. In people suffering from CHF, coq10 managed to help them experience fewer symptoms and also a lower incidence of hospitalizations.

Be Careful When Taking Coq10 Supplements

While it's recommended that you take coenzyme q10 supplements, you should know that it's best that you speak to your doctor prior to taking them. That’s because they may interact with some of the medications you may be currently taking and can cause various side effects (some examples of medications include blood thinning medications).